Takada Hassho’s traditions and concept

Takada Hassho

Gifu Prefecture remains full of natural landscapes and history.
Takada Hassho has passed down its traditions through the years and while we stick true to the concept of “good, old Japan”, we are always working new concepts into the cuisine that we serve.
Founded as “Japanese Restaurant Takada Hassho” in Gifu City in 1989,

we have since opened 5 other restaurants, including "Japanese Cooking Kogane Hassho", "Japanese Cooking Wakamiya Hassho", "Japanese Cuisine Kitamise Hassho", "Takashimaya Kojitsu Hassho", and "Honten Hanare", which is operated on a one party per night system.
Here you can enjoy Japanese food which is famous for stimulating all five senses and lifting the spirits.
Let go of time and enjoy relaxing in a different environment each day.


Hear the sounds of the changing seasons

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Lunchtime Menu

Enjoy a relaxing lunch in a private booth.

  • tenshin
  • umibudou
  • renkon
Traditional kaiseki multi-course dining
  • ¥8,000 - 15,000 (exc. tax)
Special kaiseki multi-course dining
  • ¥20,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥25,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥30,000 (exc. tax)
Mini kaiseki multi-course dining
  • ¥5,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥7,000 (exc. tax)
Tenshin dim sum
  • ¥3,000 (exc. tax)

*We will also make other food on request in proportion to customer budget.
*Service and room fees charged separately.

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Dinner menu


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Dinner menu

In addition to our excellent food and atmosphere, we're also dedicated to providing our customers with a relaxing time.
Feel free to use our services to entertain important clients and for other major events.

  • pike conger
  • eel
  • bream
Kaiseki multi-course
  • ¥10,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥12,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥15,000 (exc. tax)
Special kaiseki multi-course
  • ¥20,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥25,000 (exc. tax)
  • ¥30,000 (exc. tax)
Authentic kaiseki multi-course

*Prices may vary due to season and stock levels.

*We will also make other food on request to customer budget.
*Service and room fees charged separately.

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Seasonal hot pot cuisine

Sakura bream, Stonefish, Wild pufferfish, Soft-shelled turtle, Wild eel Longtooth grouper, Echizen crab, Himi amberjack, Sukiyaki seafood, Clam, Hida beef / Hida onion chicken stew, Duck, Boar stew Please enjoy the flavors of the four seasons in our hot pot dishes.

Prices may vary due to season and stock levels.

Add some Japanese sake

Japanese food always tastes great accompanied by some Japanese sake.
We have everything from the latest seasonal alcohols to famous local Gifu brands.


We prepare dishes in proportion to customer budgets.
If there are any ingredients which you are allergic to or do not like, please let us know at the time of booking.

Seating & Service charges

Seating charge
10% of food and drink bill combined with service charge.
Service charge

Main hall:
Lunch: ¥300 per customer
Dinner: ¥300 per customer

Separate building
Lunch: ¥300 per customer
Dinner: ¥1,000 per customer

*We will add consumption tax to this amount

Cancellation Policy

We will charge 50% for cancellations made on the date one day prior to the reservation and 100% on the actual date.
Please inform us of cancellations 7 days prior to reservation date.
Thank you for your understanding.

Basic Information

Japanese Food Takada Hassho
Honten Hanare

Hassho Building, 17-2 Sugiyamacho, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture,
Opening Hours
[Lunch] 11:30 - 14:00
[Dinner] 17:00 - 22:00
End of year (29th Dec. - 1st Jan.)

5 minutes by car from Gifu Station.

Take the bus from Stops 12 & 13 outside of Gifu Station or Stop
4 from Meitetsu Gifu Station and get off at “Gifu Shiyakusho
Minami Chousha-mae”.

Take the bus from Stop 10 outside of Gifu Station to
“Shichousha Nishiguchi”.

Designated parking lot
Credit Cards
  • private room
  • banqueting hall
  • hanare
  • tea-ceremony room

Branch Restaurants

Japanese Cuisine Kogane Hassho

1-12-3 Koganemachi, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, 〒500-8842
TEL: 058-266-1112

•Lunch - Kansai-style pressed oshizushi lunch
•Dinner - Seasonal, chef, and hot pot dishes
•Bento - Pressed oshizushi bento box

Japanese Cuisine Wakamiya Hassho

4-10-2 Wakamiyacho, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, 〒500-8828
TEL: 058-265-2333

•Lunch - Charcoal-grilled eel
•Dinner - Seasonal and chef dishes
•Lunchbox - Eel dishes

Japanese Cooking Kitamise Hassho

17-11 Nagara Fukumitsuminamimachi, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, 〒502-0817
TEL: 058-233-4660

•Lunch - Tenshin dim sum, mini kaiseki multi-course dining
•Dinner - Kaiseki multi-course dining, single dishes
•Lunchbox - Congratulatory bento, Meeting bento, Cormorant bento, Tenshin dim sum for tea parties
There is a stand for take-out side dishes and an eat-in corner.

Takashimaya Kojitsu Hassho

1st Basement Floor, Takashimaya Gifu, 2-25 Hinodemachi, Gifu, Gifu Prefecture, 〒500-8525
Tel: 058-264-1101

•Lunch - Charcoal-grilled eel
•Dinner - Seasonal and chef dishes
•Lunchbox - Eel dishes

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